miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

Sorry for not posting.. Im alive and well.. and about dancing

Hi to all, first I'm sorry for the lack of post.. but sometimes real life get in the way it dont give me the time be the girl I'd love to be..

As you all see I changed the name of the blog and from now on I'll be writing in english but please forgive my spelling and ocassional mistakes, after all I speak spanish.

Now the topic at hand... I've been a little fascinated with dance moves, as I believe if I want to be a woman, look like a woman, dress like a woman and have sex live a woman.. it obvious I should dance like a woman.. I've seen many post about how to be more femmenine but so so few about dancing like a woman and it should be part of our daily trainning... I want to share with you all some links I found on youtube, several tutorial about dancing.. I started practicing some moves and not only I dance more girly.. I stared to move more girly, delicate and femmenine... and a great tool to seduce an strong and loving man (jejej)







(loooove this series... are like 10 videos in total)


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